Advanced Safety Features of the New-Age Alfa Romeo Vehicles

Safety feature demonstration of the 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale

A Suite of Advanced Security and Driver Assist Safety Systems 

All the new Alfa Romeo vehicles feature a comprehensive assortment of safety and security features to ensure top-tier protection for both the driver and passengers, as well as everyone else on the road. From the Guilia to the Stelvio, all these new-age vehicles are integrated with state-of-the-art safety systems to boost the driver’s confidence and promote safe driving behaviour. Setting the benchmark for performance, comfort and top-grade safety, many new vehicles, such as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, come standard with advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) technology across all trims. Follow along as the expert technicians and product specialists at Alfa Romeo Ottawa explore some of the premium safety features of the Alfa Romeo vehicles. 

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5 First-Grade Safety Features 

The new model lineups of Alfa Romeo vehicles feature integrated radar sensors and cameras to make driving easier and safer for the driver, ensuring a peaceful ambience behind the wheel. The advanced safety features operate as a front line of defence between you and every possible on-road threat.  Here are five of the top advanced safety features that you may find in Alfa Romeo vehicles:

1. Intelligent Speed Control 

With the help of built-in scanners and cameras, intelligent speed control allows the driver to maintain a set speed. The system scans traffic signs to recommend the correct speed adjustment when required. 

2. Highway and Traffic Jam Assist

Whenever you get stuck in congested traffic conditions or highways, the highway and traffic jam assist system helps you adjust your position, apply brakes and manage speed to prevent possible collisions with the vehicles moving ahead or approaching from the side and behind. 

3. Driver Attention Alert 

This system provides audiovisual alerts to the driver if the steering behaviour indicates distracted or fatigued driving to ensure maximum on-road safety. 

4. Active Blind Spot Assist 

This system uses sensors to scan vehicles in and around the blind spot of the driver to ensure a safe lane change, reversing and parking, preventing a potential collision with a vehicle, pedestrian or object. The active blind spot assist system sends out visual warnings followed by audible and tactical alerts during a lane change when an object/vehicle is detected. 

5. Lane Keep Assist 

Lane Keep Assist provides audio, visual and tactical warnings every time you drive away from the designated lane and corrects the vehicle placement when an unintentional lane departure is observed. Lane Keep Assist regularly monitors the vehicle’s position concerning the lane markings to curb possible collisions with nearby objects and oncoming traffic.

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